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FIST Handwear comes from humble beginnings, created from a bedroom in mid 2009. A hobby for brand creator Sam Moore who was tired of the same old gloves gear companies where making to match the rest of their gear sets, why should everything match, why should everything look the same and have no flavour. “We want to stand out and stamp our own kind of style on the sports we love, create an outlet for our customers to express themselves through our product and share our passion for our products”

From its creation, FIST has always had super loyal customers and team. The #FISTARMY as we call it is anyone who dares to be a little different and likes the way we roll, why wouldn’t we put hula girls and flowers on a glove? Why wouldn’t we want skulls and the logos of rad companies and athletes on our product? We are about being around, working and shredding with like minded people who like things a little different, a little off centre and a little more fun like us. We Smash Forth, get things done and have maximum fun while doing it.

Welcome to the #FISTARMY

OG Fist