Nitro Circus X Fist Handwear

Nitro Circus has slowly but surely been selectively building partnerships with top gear brands that have been vetted and approved by their stable of serious athletes. It makes perfect sense: Amazing gear is half the fun when you’re an action sports junkie, and that’s true whether you’re a top pro or a weekend warrior. With that in mind, Nitro Circus has now officially partnered with Fist Handwear!

Fist Handwear has just launched two signature Nitro Circus gloves – The Nitro Circus Stars and Stripes plus the Nitro Circus Staple glove. Find them online HERE.

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It is with great excitement we announce Ryan’s addition to the #FISTARMY. To have someone of Ryan’s profile and expertise both on and off the bike we feel is an amazing step in the right direction towards growing our company the right way, not to mention that he is a legendary bloke!

Ryan Guettler Fist Handwear

Ryan Guettler –

“I’m super pumped to be joining the Fist Handwear crew. I reached out to the owner Sam Moore about supporting a contest I was organizing and he got behind the event with extreme motivation and really stepped up to the plate when it came to products for the kids. After the event I took a pair of gloves to my next riding session and could not believe how good they fit and didn’t want to ever put my old ones back on. I got my roommate and friends to test them out with me and we all agreed they are the best gloves ever made”.

“I jumped online and wanted to buy a bunch more off Sam but he suggested we take it one step further and I join the already amazing BMX team. My head started spinning with ideas and now I’m fully committed to designing an amazing line of gloves for the next generation of BMX riders!! Good times ahead”.

Stay tuned for Ryan’s signature glove that is now in the works, check out the above video for a sneak peak.

Ask and you shall receive, introducing the Road Warrior Glove. FIST’s first foray into the world of Leather street gloves. Perfect for a Sunday cruise with the crew or ripping around town. Grip it and Rip it!

Developed with comfort and styling in mind we’re sure you will love this sleek new glove.

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