Nitro Circus X Fist Handwear

Nitro Circus has slowly but surely been selectively building partnerships with top gear brands that have been vetted and approved by their stable of serious athletes. It makes perfect sense: Amazing gear is half the fun when you’re an action sports junkie, and that’s true whether you’re a top pro or a weekend warrior. With that in mind, Nitro Circus has now officially partnered with Fist Handwear!

Fist Handwear has just launched two signature Nitro Circus gloves – The Nitro Circus Stars and Stripes plus the Nitro Circus Staple glove. Find them online HERE.

Join the #FISTARMY

It’s so rad scrolling through Instagram seeing our customers running Fist Handwear! Hash tag #FISTARMY and we’ll see what you guys are all up to. We also have the feed on our site, which you can view HERE.

Below are just some of our rad customers!


Be sure to tag #FISTARMY and smash forth next time you’re out riding!